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It’s hard to think that what seems to be just a single strap could change your attitude to fitness and give you a great workout, but that’s the TRX.
You don’t need barbells and machines to make your muscles work. As one of the most versatile, efficient and hardcore bodyweight training tools, the TRX also makes it easy for us to log in a workout session wherever is the most convenient for you – at the neighbourhood park, your clubhouse gym, home, or anywhere else you can think of!
Designed by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL, the TRX is also one of the more popular pieces of equipment at the gym as it’s a good way to introduce beginners to bodyweight exercises or to make exercises more challenging for the hardcore gym-goer. Our trainers are also always experimenting and keeping up with different exercises so that clients won’t be rotating through the same old movements.
Using your own body weight to strengthen and tone, the TRX is one of the best ways to get fitness newcomers really getting a sense of what their body is able to achieve, while keeping gym experts on their toes by trying something new.

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