* Whilst based in Hong Kong as Group Chief Executive of HSBC Holdings it was a challenge to stay fit and overcome the ever present jet lag whilst travelling for over half the year across the world.

Each time I arrived back in HK, Janet was there to meet me for my three times a week gruelling one hour fitness sessions.

With her sense of humour, her boundless energy and her intellect she motivated me to get the most out of each session and taught me how to get fit and lose weight in a sensible and practical way.

I have kept that motivation and knowledge and now in retirement I am over 20 kilos less in weight and sleep an average of eight hours a night!

Michael Geoghegan, Former Chairman of HSBC HK

* Five months ago I decided it was time to focus on my health and fitness; I had just turned 33, was overweight, unfit and had been indulging in life’s excesses for too long! After researching a few personal training options I decided that Fitness Compass was the best option for me and since contacting Janet and arranging my initial assessment I have not looked back.

Jamie was assigned as my trainer and from the moment I met with her my feelings of trepidation were quickly erased. Jamie is an exceptional Personal Trainer; our sessions are always varied, challenging, well planned and fun! Complementing this is Jamie’s style: she has a unique way of supporting and encouraging me and as a consequence I feel that she draws the best out in me.

In five months I have lost 20 kilograms and am feeling strong and increasingly fit, as a consequence Jamie has been attuned to increase the difficultly of my sessions in order to ensure that I am always challenging and pushing myself. Through Jamie’s support I have regained my passion for exercise and have re-discovered a determination(and competitiveness!)that had long been forgotten.

I look forward to every session with Jamie(and to chatting with the other trainers)and I look forward to continuing towards the achievement of my goals.”
Lindsay Bradford, JP Morgan

* I started training with Fitness Compass after a friend recommended Janet’s team to me. I trained there for two years with incredible results. The reason is because the team is trained to custom make a program based on each member’s goals. I wanted to bulk up a bit, gain definition and improve my overall fitness level which was achieved thanks to the dedication of the team at FC. The trainers regularly checked the results and adjusted the goals to make sure I was on the right track.

Going to the gym is not a natural thing for me but it was a pleasure and it even became a dedication to go to the studio because I knew I was achieving my goals.

Janet and her team are extremely knowledgable, encouraging and professional which makes Fitness Compass a definite recommendation for whomever is looking to become strong and fit.

Benoît Tordeur, Former Executive at BURBERRY

* Tess has been fantastic as a trainer for me, very patient with my clumsiness, tailor making and following through each week of my workout, and even providing me workouts to do during my trips. I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer as well as a motivator. She has instilled a confidence in me to actually fall in love with my fitness regime. Thanks to Janet for having such a wonderful team – always feels good to walk into FC!

Ramya Narayanaswamy

* I joined Fitness Compass shortly after my 34th birthday, after years of unproductive and adhoc gym routines. Ricky took this challenge on, and quickly implemented a balanced program of strength training, balance/stability, and cardio exercises. He created variety and interest in my workout program, breaking me out of my exercise rut. In the four years I trained with him. I’ve seen improvements in my fitness, energy level, and range of motion.

Although a relocation means saying goodbye to FC, one of my key focuses is finding another studio with the same fitness mentality. I’ll definitely miss all the trainers and their camaraderie!

Jonathan Lee

* Fitness Compass was my sanctuary from the stress of Hong Kong and I always walked out with a smile no matter how stressed or frustrated I was walking in.

I’ve been training with Jamie for three years. She’s enriched my life in many ways – as a fitness professional and friend. She’s very intelligent and has a great sense of humor which makes her very fun to work out with. Every session is customized and prepared in advance to build on prior sessions. Her knowledge of anatomy makes her quick to correct your technique or help you recover from a prior injury. Over the years she’s become the voice in my head motivating me to work out when I’m on my own and encouraging me to finish that last rep while to keep the proper technique.

Jamie’s the girl to motivate, push, and inspire you! She has an uncanny ability to  push you further than you imagined possible with a smile and “no pressure” kind of attitude. I’ve never been stronger, healthier, and happier than I am today. In my last session before I moved from HK I even hit a deadlift PR!

The gym is in a great location in Central and offers a very intimate training experience – I highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to be serious about their health and fitness.

Amita Seshadri, Goldman Sachs

* My son, Torrey Ryan, has seen Janet for private training for 2 years.  Torrey has increased in strength and balance and this has made a big impact for his walking and increased his endurance so that he was able to accomplished two long hikes this past Christmas holiday. Torrey has spastic triplegia cerebral palsy. Although Janet does not have specific training for this condition I have found Janet to be someone highly motivated to learn and take on new challenges thus I believe her willingness to take my son on as a client.

I am impressed by Janet’s attitude, she is tough and direct, but does it with a caring and kind heart and she has produced great motivation in my 17 year old son to do his very best when they are training together.

Not only has Janet been a trainer for my son, but she has also passed on to me alot of invaluable information, advice, tips, encouragement and all of that gives me good support as a parent working along side Torrey in his personal exercise. i.e. diet and recipes and even looking through our kitchen cupboards and giving suggestions. Janet is a trusted part of our lives as I know that she cares personally for the well being of my son – her client. She gives a great deal of herself and I know that she has high standards of excellence in all that she does.

Gretchen Ryan – mother of Torrey Ryan

* I get plenty of aerobic exercise playing tennis and swimming but my core strength and balance is very poor. Since working with Fitness Compass I have noticed a marked improvement in both which manifests itself in more physical flexibility and movements that are more nimble.

Good balance also improves posture which reduces stress and means you bring to bear the right muscles when stretching, lifting and reaching which reduces the chance of injury, very important as you get older. I can strongly recommend a program with Fitness Compass targeted at these areas for any desk-bound executive looking to preserve his athleticism.

Hugh Graham, Goldman Sachs

* Moving to HK 8 months ago, being a working mother of 2 , spending every other week in an airplane somewhere in Asia I quickly decided in needed support with my training, someone with knowledge and experience and that could help me to survive my travels and help build up my body to be strong from inside and out.

I remember the feeling after training with Jamie the first time; WOW! She could read Me and my capacity from day one! Jamie is fun, demanding, humble, supportive and most of all she makes me feel proud of myself and my achievements. Not only do I feel a lot stronger, from inside and out, but I also believe Jamie has supported me from a mental/psychological perspective helping me to understand that nothing is impossible, not even pull ups!

Thank you Jamie for being you and for helping me discover and releasing My potential!

Ann-Charlotte Berglind, H&M

* I started training with Fitness Compass after getting a recommendation from a friend. I have been suffering from sever headaches, neck and back pain and have tried physio, yoga and Pilates, but with no success. After only 5-6 sessions with the trainers at Fitness Compass I started to feel a difference; my back and stomach muscles got stronger, but the best thing is that I haven’t had a headache in 6 months! This is a fantastic result and has increased my quality of life immensely and top of everything else –the training is really fun!

I always look forward to my training with Fitness Compass; it’s never a dull moment!!”

Hilde Gunn Vestad, Regional Manager, adidas Sourcing Limited.

* Weight-loss results may vary. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.

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