Senior Training
You’re never too old to train. Whether you used to love fitness and perhaps let things slide, or you want to continue to maintain a good level of exercise while dealing with recent physical challenges, or you just want to keep on moving without it hurting, we will design a workout that suits what you are able to do, and want to keep doing. We can support you, no matter your level of fitness.
We also know that the older we get, the longer it takes for us to recover from injury. At Fitness Compass, we provide a safe training environment for yourself, your parents, and your grandparents. We can help you recover from injuries, restore lost physical strength and put a sparkle back in your eye as you remember how it feels to move your body with ease and confidence.
Our trainers will never push you beyond your limits, and we will adjust our programs as your strength and capabilities change. We can make your workout fun and keep you motivated by trying out new things in the world of fitness. Your body deserves to keep active, and at Fitness Compass we know we can help you do that.

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