Rehab/Post-injuries Programs
Sometimes, the body doesn’t always respond in a positive way to physical pressures. Whether you work out a lot or just have an average level of fitness, injuries and damage can happen to our bodies. It can be very discouraging to be injured and unable to do the sports we enjoy. Our unique training programs help clients – of all ages, injuries and fitness levels – come back from surgeries such as hip replacements, lumbar spine disc removals, or ACL or meniscus issues, helping them to regain mobility and strength quickly and safely.
For some people, coming back from an injury is not just a physical recovery, but also a mental one. You may have lost your confidence when it comes to workouts, or even feel nervous about injuring yourself again. Rest assured, our trainers will plan a recovery and rehabilitation program that lets you get back to previous – or even new – levels of fitness while taking into consideration the worries you may feel about starting to work out again. Our programs are adjusted and designed for you and your needs, and adapt as you recover. We listen to you, see how your body responds to our programs and help you heal.

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