Private Corporate Group Training
We know that keeping your employees healthy and full of positive energy means a lot to your business. We can provide small group training services for different sized companies. You can use our training services or we can host team-building events (indoor or outdoor, with program design), create bespoke lunchtime workouts, or hold regular after-work training sessions.
Our personal trainers will keep even the most reluctant participants motivated, while making sure that any experts stay interested. As well as the team-building potential, the rush of doing this kind of activity will create new confidence within your team, bring new energy and show just what your business can achieve when you try something new, work together and push each other out of your ordinary comfort zones.
We can tailor our programs to suit your employees, time frame and ambitions. Whether you want to have an occasional session as a group to improve bonding, or you want to offer regular sessions to improve the overall health and fitness of your employees, we can work with you to improve both the body and mind of the people you work with. A healthy, positive workforce is of benefit to everyone involved.
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