Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness
Pre and postnatal training and strength conditioning are great ways to maximize the chances of a healthy and safe pregnancy as well as helping you get back in shape after the birth.
Our trainers are experienced in both pre and postnatal fitness and can support you every step of the way, either by adjusting your existing fitness programs from the start of your pregnancy, to helping you start training again – when you are ready – after the birth, with programs tailored to your needs and fitness level.
Exercise can help to smooth out a journey that can have many obstacles along the way. Research shows that a well-planned prenatal fitness program can lead to less discomfort and aches during the pregnancy, a smoother delivery and an easier path to regaining your shape and energy levels again after the birth. For new moms, a workout session can mean some much needed time to focus on yourself!
Maintaining strength and control in your pelvic floor muscles will also go a long way after giving birth, as a strong core not only looks good but means that you will stay strong and active enough to deal with the stresses of being a mom!

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