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Just as every body is different, so are our training programs. We specifically create workouts suited to your needs – and no one else’s. Fitness Compass achieves great results because our programs are individually designed for you and your ambitions, not copied from other clients.

Combining a mixture of cardio and strength training, we vary the routine to keep both your body and mind fresh and working to the fullest, adapting when needed to suit your lifestyle and requirements. We mix it up with a variety of equipment, ensuring we challenge the more experienced clients, while showing new starters just what they’re capable of achieving when working with someone entirely focused on them.

Whatever your fitness level, exercise history or aims, we will tailor a program that is just for you and your body, keeping it effective and focused on your needs.

Personalised programs from Fitness Compass are a great way to get back to full fitness after a break, to take it to the next level, or even to shake up fading motivation when it comes to your fitness. We will work with you, for you, to get the best body you want, you train for and that you deserve.

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