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Janet Wahlquist

Founder and Head Trainer

Janet is the brain behind the Fitness Compass training methodology and a longtime fitness professional. She brings a multi-disciplinary and highly unique approach to her client’s training programs, incorporating everything from postural correction, kettlebell training, Power Plate training, ViPR, and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Janet believes that our bodies are happiest when they move with fluidity and rhythm, and she makes this happen with her functional training approach, which incorporates three-dimensional movements and fun into her client’s training programs. She knows that everyone’s body is different and there is no one-size-fits-all type of training program. She emphasizes personalizing her clients’ training programs based on their individual needs, whether it be wanting to get fit, keeping in shape, increasing mobility, or decreasing pain and discomfort.

She believes training indoor does not have to be boring and is keen to bring you a new perspective on personal training with fun and safe exercise which help prevent injuries and improve posture. Her love of exploring new training techniques and incorporating fitness technologies is immediately evident upon meeting any of the Fitness Compass Trainers, as her passion for teaching extends to all who work with her.

Janet can teach in both English and Cantonese.

Jamie Mok

Senior Trainer

Jamie is an enthusiastic and dynamic personal trainer who firmly believes in the philosophy that ‘commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood in which you said it in has left you.’ She adopts this approach in all areas of her life and mirrors it onto those around her.
Jamie is a very invested netball player and competes on a semi-professional level. One of her biggest assets is that she genuinely thrives in a team environment. She believes that a trainer and her client are a team, and that one cannot succeed without the other. The combination of her team spirit and her uplifting motivational attitude makes her the perfect teammate to help clients navigate their personal exercise journeys.
Jamie believes in incorporating cardio and weight training in order to maximize the afterburn effect while tailoring each client’s programs to their individual goals.
Jamie can teach in both English and Cantonese.
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Eugene Kwok

Senior Trainer

Eugene is an experienced nutritionist and personal trainer who previously provided nutritional consultation services for clients in a private medical aesthetics-based clinic. He specialises in the areas of weight management, chronic illness management, exercise nutrition and performance nutrition.
His knowledge in his areas of study, along with his experience in nutrition and his functional training from NASM, have allowed hundreds of clients to achieve their desired goals.
Eugene is a dedicated rugby player who previously had the honour of representing Hong Kong on the under 20s overseas team and currently competes at the Prem-A level in the local league. He believes in having a solid basic knowledge of exercise and nutrition and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and that a successful and sustainable transformation comes from having the right influences and people around you.
Eugene often tailors his training programme to incorporate a combination of cardio and weight training to maximize the after-burn effect. He also provides nutritional consulting based on the client’s personal goals, whether it’s weight loss or training for specific competition. Hundreds of clients have enjoyed results from his tailored, effective dietary guidance.
Eugene can teach in both English and Cantonese.
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Tess Ma

Personal Trainer

It was her interest in strength training that lured Tess into the fitness industry from a previous life as a magazine writer, and the more she learned about natural human movement and how our lifestyles have changed that, the more Tess’s passion was cemented. She enjoys the process of finding a way to always keep progressing with clients, whether it’s to help correct habitual dysfunctions or to put hard work in towards becoming stronger and fitter.

Although the leap from writer to personal trainer might seem like a big one, Tess is driven by the same spirit of always wanting to learn more and to share that knowledge in ways that might inspire other people. Her interests lie in movement mechanics, correctional exercises and establishing solid foundations in strength and mobility. She continues to keep up with her first love of reading by always keeping track of the latest studies, books and discussions from the fitness industry while striving to improve her own strength and condition her body through power and weight training.

Tess knows from personal experience how difficult starting from zero can be, but that strength and fitness is a skill that can be practised like any other. She firmly believes that we are in control of our bodies, not the other way around, and is passionate about helping clients to find that power, one small habit and training session at a time.

Tess can teach in both English and Cantonese.
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Alex Woodburn

Personal Trainer

Alex is a former professional rugby player who played for Gloucester in the Aviva Premiership in England. Over the years, he’s deepened his knowledge of fitness and adapted his training style, taking elements from each member of his rugby strength and conditioning team, including physical therapists and coaches. This has allowed him to develop a unique training method that combines elements from Olympic lifting, functional movement, speed mechanics, endurance workouts, agility training, outdoor boot camps, and rehabilitation.

Alex believes that whether you’re training with a friend or in a group, sometimes you just need an extra push to get you going in the right direction. With his expert knowledge and experience working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, he believes that variety is the key to staying motivated and therefore likes to shake up each of his sessions with something new and exciting for his clients to try.

Whether it’s one-to-one training or group training, Alex is able to create workouts that focus on specific goals — including fat loss, sport-specific training, and confidence building — in order to aid his clients in meeting their fitness requirements. He also remains a semi-professional rugby player who offers sport-specific strength and conditioning coaching for athletes in rugby and many other sports.

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