Redwood Nutrition is a community based health food store offering a wide array of basic nutritional supplements, hypoallergenic foods, snacks and beverages, functional foods, and sports nutrition. Quality over quantity has always been our precedent. Serving Hong Kong for over 5 years now, we continue to strive in the importance of education and awareness in natural medicine and nutrition. Eating healthy starts with a seed and propagates into a routine, which in turn becomes a habit.

Much to the symbol and name of our company; “Redwood” which symbolizes longevity, durability, and strength. The roots of a tree secures and nourishes our foundation of health and well-being. As we reach and grow, taller and wider, the trunk builds the core of our strength both physically and mentally. As we reach for the sky, the leaves grow and provide an exchange with the others around us. A positive symbiosis of mutual benefit. Redwood is built on the fundamentals of naturopathic medicine and the philosophy of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

“Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food”
– Hippocrates




BIORNA QUANTICS brings a radical new wave of wellness and performance technologies to Asia-Pacific. Our truly unique individual-specific approach is for knowledge-hungry persons, families, and athletes wanting the world’s best available cutting-edge science and rigorous methodologies to become optimal in their endeavors and everyday wellbeing.

Founder, Dr Justin P Gregory, MSc(Oxon), DPhil, has assembled a range of easy-to-do DNA, hormonal, food antibody, and metabolic laboratory tests, nutritional analyses, and technology for quantitative daily measures of stress—all of which can be done at home, at work, or in the comfort of our offices—offered in combination with the world’s finest nutraceutical supplements, a bespoke meal delivery system, consultation services and workshops. Through these protocols we analyse and tailor your diet, life habits, and exercise programming with matchless scientific precision to suit and inform you—the unique you.

Our approach is truly pioneeringour wellness and performance toolkit is more individual-specific than has ever previously been assembled. It takes into account multiple levels of explanation of the genetic, physiological, morphological, and psychological entity that makes you the unique person with your unique capabilities.

Our revolutionary approach and technologies explore pathways to discover the optimal you on several levels of explanation: Genetic Foundation, Metabolic Environment, and Quantitative Psycho-Physiological.

We provide you the world’s finest toolkit and support to seek out and realize the optimal you; we better inform you and your family’s most important life decisions.

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