Outdoor Training
Combining bodyweight or calisthenics circuits with cardio intervals can really ramp up your cardio level! Some of our favourite parks are Happy Valley Race Track, Hong Kong Park, or Bowen Road. Prefer to be close to your home or office? Check with us to see if we serve your area. 
There are known benefits to spending more time outdoors. If your daily life has you sat down inside all day, just an hour or so in a park with one of our trainers, focusing on your body and fitness is great for your brain and your attitude, which benefits every area of your life. Learning to see natural objects as potential gym equipment can make a routine fun as well as helping you to get fit. In fact, workouts that happen on grass and outdoor surfaces, rather than on a hard floor, can have positive effects on muscles in the legs and feet, adding another element to your workout.
You will find that trying your workout in a new location will generate more enthusiasm for your regular program, and will help with motivation to continue your workouts even when away from home, as the outdoors can be your gym anywhere.

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