One-on-one Personal Training
Personal training is our main focus, as we specialize in high-profile customers with busy schedules who need maximum quality time with our trainers. You’ll never get 100% attention from your trainer in a big group environment, nor will you be able to correctly adjust or alter your workout on the spot to deal with any injuries or weaknesses you may be experiencing.
Equally, if you find something in your workout challenging, or want to step up your fitness regime, one-on-one training means we can guide you and advise you how to get to that next level, to help you refine your technique and see just what you can be capable of achieving, when working with someone who is entirely focused on you and what you want to do.
Motivation and focus are key to a successful workout, and our trainers want this for you – every time. So while we make sure your workout is varied and interesting, we will remind you of what you are capable of achieving to keep you motivated, and we will keep you focused even when your body is being worked hard. Personal training is VIP training – for you, and no-one else.

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