June mobility challenge

Jun 4th, 2017

June mobility challenge

Desk mobility

Take 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your day to move your joints. You can exercise your creativity as well by finding different ways to move every joint in slow, controlled circles, or you can follow our routine below.

Do 3-5 big circles clockwise and counter-clockwise with the following body parts, see our video instructions below by personal trainer Tess Ma.

– Head

(aiming your chin towards the shoulders, ceiling and chest)

– Scapula

(think of pinching your shoulders in as hard as you can then pulling them apart as far as you can)

– Shoulders

(making sure your torso doesn’t move with the rotations)

– Wrists

(making sure your forearm isn’t moving)

– Spine

(flexion, extension and rotation)

– Ankles

(making sure your shin doesn’t rotate)

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