Dine out and stay fit

Nov 15th, 2017

Dine out and stay fit

Get tips on making the right choice from the menu

We all busy with work, family and friends in our lifes. We don’t always have time to prepare our meals every day and if you have a job that required you to entertain customers or you are not a good prepper, your healthy eating routine can go to the wrong direction if you are not careful with the excessive eating or drinking while dining out.

We’ve got you a handful of tips on what to choose from breakfast to supper menus and that you can enjoy dining out with friends!

Breakfast menu


Stick to eggs options for higher protein intake, such as omlet and scrambled eggs. Add some fibre and top your eggs with colourful vegetables. Want a protein boost? Add a piece of grilled chicken breast or a minute steak!



Beverage choices stick with black coffee or black tea, green tea to avoid additional calories from sugar/syrup and cream. Save 200 plus calories by saying no to fruit juices.



Need idea for your on the go healthy breakfast? Forget about cereals from the box! Try avocado and boiled eggs, unsalted nuts and dried or fresh fruits, plain Greek yogurt with honey and mixed nuts.

Don’t get fouled by some of the high calorie content healthy foods such as avocado, nuts, quinoa and chia seeds as you might ended up intaking too much calorie in one meal. I suggest you to do measurements before putting them in your breakfast bowl.

Lunch menu

Tip #1

If you can have a choice of two to three courses lunch, choose two over three.


Tip #2

Choose an appetizer such as soup or salad over dessert to reduce/minimize sugar intake.


Tip #3

Aim for protein choice on the main course, such as grilled chicken, beef steaks, lamb chop or grilled seafood. Choose fresh salad or grilled vegetables as your sides instead of fries, mashed potatoes, gratin or pasta.


Tip #4

Curries, pies, stews, pizza and pasta aren’t your best options for “clean” eating so aim for grilled or stir-fry meat and vegetables on your plate.

Dinner menu

Tip #1

Go for a glass of wine as an apperitif instead of a sugary cocktail choice.


Tip #2

Look for healthier preparation method from the menu. Choose sauteed, grilled, baked and seared, instead of deep-fried or gratin.


Tip #3

Selection of restaurant can also help you to stay away from unhealthy options. My choices are western restaurants usually serve simple protein and vegetable options, Japanese yakitori or sushi offers great seafood and grilled meat and vegetables options or Korean barbeque for a big meat feast.


Tip #4

It is allowed to crave for desserts once in a while! You can choose smart from the menu to minimise the calories intake. Go for a scoop or two of sorbet or frozen yogurt instead of chocolate cake. Or panna cotta instead of a slice of cheese cake.


How about afternoon snack options if you forgot to bring your snacks from home?

Afternoon snack options


Tip #1

Instead of choosing the pastries at Starbucks, they actually has a nice and rather healthy greek yogurt and granola cup that is great option.


Tip #2

YoMaMa has nice plain frozen yogurt with fresh fruits which is a good choice instead of Godiva ice cream.


Tip #3

Many smoothies has lots of hidden calories and sugar. But Joe and the Juice has a tasty and healthy protein smoothies that is a great protein boost afternoon snack option.


We can always find ways to keep ourselves healthy and fit even when we have no time to cook at home. Just need to spend a bit more effort to pick the right choice!


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