Corrective Exercise
All our bodies have minor (or major!) shortcomings caused by our lifestyles, potentially  affecting the way we move every day. It can be caused by doing the same, repetitive lifts in the gym, spending too much time sitting on chairs, or even just by wearing shoes with high heels. If it gets to the point where you feel stress or aching on a joint or regular tightness in the same muscle groups, then your body is waving red flags in your face: you need to take care. By using suitable exercises, we can correct these issues.
Fitness Compass’s trainers are well-versed in identifying your body’s weaknesses and helping you learn more about why they happen and how to begin correcting them. During your first visit to our studio, you will go through a series of tests and assessments where we look at your posture, how you walk and move, and check your fitness level in order to design your very own program.
Remember that real fitness is not about numbers on the scale or the weights at the barbell. It’s about how effortless it feels to have your body performing at its best.  We can help you get there.

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