Buddy Training
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Buddy Training (Personal Trainer)

Single Session HK$1,480
Single Session (Off-site) HK$1,580

Buddy Training (Senior Trainer)

Single Session HK$1,630
Single Session (Off-site) HK$1,730

Buddy Training (Head Trainer)

Single Session HK$1,860
Single Session (Off-site) HK$1,960
10 Sessions HK$13,500
10 Sessions (Off-site) HK$14,500
10 Sessions HK$14,800
10 Sessions (Off-site) HK$15,800
10 sessions HK$16,900
10 sessions (Off-site) HK$17,900
20 Sessions HK$24,000
20 Sessions (Off-site) HK$26,000
20 Sessions HK$26,400
20 Sessions (Off-site) HK$28,400
20 sessions HK$30,400
20 sessions (Off-site) HK$32,400
40 Sessions HK$44,800
40 Sessions (Off-site) HK$48,800
40 Sessions HK$49,600
40 Sessions (Off-site) HK$53,600
40 sessions HK$56,800
40 sessions (Off-site) HK$60,800
60 Sessions HK$63,600
60 Sessions (Off-site) HK$69,600
60 Sessions HK$69,600
60 Sessions (Off-site) HK$75,600
60 sessions HK$79,200
60 sessions (Off-site) HK$85,200

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