Boxing for Fitness
Boxing is a great way to build fitness and reduce stress. Add on a 10- to 20-minute circuit at the end of your session to burn extra calories. Make sure you have your water and towel ready!
Our trainers will show you the correct movements and positions, so even if you’ve never worn gloves before, you will immediately start feeling the benefits of this cardio workout. Even the most timid clients will relish the high quality workout that boxing for fitness gives you. You can get a complete body workout, with arms, legs and core all getting work from the techniques used by boxing.
Using basic movements inspired by muay thai boxing, our trainers work with you to create a safe, effective and fun program that combines cardio and strength. Boxing focuses the mind as well as the muscles, and is a great way to finish a session if you are looking to mix up your exercise program with something new.  And you don’t need to worry about our trainers! Using the best safety equipment, they will make sure that you are both protected, issuing clear instructions while making sure that you get the best out of the session.

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