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If you’re looking for the latest, shiny new trend in fitness then look away now, because what we at Fitness Compass specialize in is basic human movement.
Why would I want that, you ask? Think about that niggling tightness in your neck that is always there at the end of a long day at the office. Think about not being able to bend and pick something up without feeling that strain in your lower back. And even for those who would label themselves as fitness buffs or weekend warriors, there is always that frustration of going for a run or a big lift and not being able to push yourself beyond the limit of that stiff shoulder or creaky knee.
What our trainers at Fitness Compass do is help you to sort through the complications that years of static sitting and repetitive movements have created and make basic movements basic again so that you can push yourself to the max at that big rugby game, clean up your movements at your ritual yoga classes or even just be able to get easily up and down from the ground.
What sets our trainers apart is that the process of exercising matters just as much as the results, if not more. Your precious hour at the gym should be used intelligently and efficiently, not wasted by mindlessly going through exercises for the sake of it.
When you spend an hour with us at Fitness Compass, we promise that it will be a quality one instead of just going through the motions (literally!), and this is because we approach fitness from an educated and science-based background. Looking good is what brings most people to the gym, but feeling good is what will ultimately keep you there.
We take our namesake seriously – as your fitness compass, we would like to show you the best way to your goals and how to get there.



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