3 Moves for a healthier hips with Senior Trainer Jamie Mok

Feb 12th, 2018

3 Moves for a healthier hips with Senior Trainer Jamie Mok

Save them on your phone and use them when you need them – i.e. Everyday

We never stretch our hips enough, do we?

We use them to sit in a chair, on the toilet, on a sofa, at breakfast/lunch/dinner, AND we even work them out every day, squatting and lunging. That means our hips need to loosen up at some point, at least once a day — if not more.

Our body moves in three dimensions, which means that our hips also move in all three planes of motion (i.e. forward and backward, side to side, and rotation). But often, when we stretch our hips, we only focus on stretching the front.

In this article, we’ll show you how to stretch your hips in all 3 directions, targeting your front hips, outer hips, and inner hips. You can perform any of these stretches in a static position, as a relaxation stretch (which is more suitable for cooldown or before bedtime), or as an active stretch to warm up before, or loosen up after, you work out.


#1 Front hips

Lie on your back with your left leg at 90 degrees and your foot against a wall. Place your right ankle on the supported leg, with your right hand on the same knee.

Use your right hand to push down and outward on the knee until you feel the stretch on the same-side hip. Exhale, press, and repeat the stretch 10 times on each leg.


#2 Inner hips

Progression 1:

Elevated on supported knee.

Set your position with palms directly under shoulders.

Active leg straight on the side, foot planted on the ground.

Progression 2:

Supported with elbows, same height on supported knee.

#3 Outer hips

Stand on an elevated surface where the height is at least same length as your foot.

Support with one hand, opposite arm positioned overhead.

Both feet on an elevated surface.

Take off your outer foot, reach behind your standing leg, towards the ground and the wall. At the same time reach your outer arm towards the wall.

You should feel a stretch along the outer hips on the outer leg.

Hope you enjoy reading this information and give it a try and see how your hips feel.

Stay tuned for our next post on thoracics spine and chest mobility!

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